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Content Marketing Resources

Content Marketing Resources

In this area you will find ideas and resources to help you with your content marketing. And if you want help developing your content strategy or your interactive marketing content, be sure to contact us.

Content Marketing Topics

This page is a growing resource to help answer all of your pressing content marketing questions. More content will be added here regularly, so be sure to stop by again.

What is Content Marketing?

The goal of content marketing is to create high quality, keyword enhanced content around relevant, engaging topics that magnetically attract visitors and followers. With a consistent effort, you can build credibility and trust in a growing online community and convert by-standers into customers.

When we say “content,” we’re talking about blogs, website content, newsletters, articles, press releases, ebooks, white papers, sales letters, Facebook updates, tweets, LinkedIn updates, social bookmarking, profiles on Google, Yelp and Merchant Circle, and so on. You can even create content by “curating” other people’s content in your own free online newspaper. Check out ours on Scoop.it and Paper.li.

There is one secret to content marketing that every business owner should know and master. And that is the magic of SEO copywriting. To be successful with content marketing, you either need to hire an SEO copywriter or become one.

Need help with content marketing? Contact us!

What Does an SEO Copywriter Do?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is about optimizing content for the audience you want to reach. The goal of SEO copywriting is to enhance organic search results by determining what your target audience is searching for and delivering the information that satisfies their needs and leads them to your business.

SEO copywriting is similar to all marketing writing in that it must engage readers by offering to solve problems or fix things that trouble them. The critical difference that sets SEO copywriting apart from all other marketing writing, is this:

Good SEO copywriters are experts at identifying the exact phrases used by members of the target market to search for a product or service like yours. The SEO copywriter expertly weaves those phrases into everything the search engines may touch, always with a link back to your site or offer.

That is the essence of what we do. If you need help with your SEO copywriting, contact us.

How Can You Cut Through the Noise with Content Marketing?

Many business owners feel like their tweets, posts, updates and other online content are invisible or are being ignored. We call it “blogging into the wind.” That’s when you are busily creating content, but few people are reading it and you are not getting the followers, conversions and business growth you want.

By enhancing your content with targeted keywords, steadily improving your content marketing and engaging with others online, you can gain a following for your blog, Facebook updates, and other content. These strategies will help you to build your client base. The first step is to identify a complete content strategy and to get focused on result producing content marketing activities. Just contact us if you need help.

What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is a big favorite among SEO and interactive marketing aficionados. Writing and publishing articles on your niche area is an excellent way to generate back links to your site and generate interest in your products or services while also helping to promote you as an expert in your field.

Is there an art to doing it well? Yes. Your articles should be informative, original, engaging and helpful. Focus on what the reader wants to know while also optimizing your article for your keywords.

Article Marketing Success Tips:

  • Start with a Google search on your niche. What questions are people asking about your topic? What articles already exist? Choose a targeted, specific topic that is not already saturated with content. Address the same topics but with more or better information.
  • Perform keyword research to choose the most targeted key phrases for your article.
  • Choose narrow keyword phrases with low or medium competition.
  • Include your keyword phrases in your title, main heading and content.

View Jayna’s articles on EzineArticles.com. And be sure to contact us if you need help with your article marketing.

Should You Have a Business Blog?

People often ask whether they should start a blog. Is it worth the time and effort? Do bloggers run out of ideas? What’s it all about?

Blogging can definitely be worth your time, but like all things related to content marketing, the answer is: it depends. You must have goals, a specific niche you are passionate about that has ample opportunity for developing a following, and you must be committed. A half-way effort with blogging does not yield results.

Blogging Success Tips:

  • Research your niche by browsing other blogs. A great way to review what’s happening in your niche in the Blogosphere is to use the Google blog search tool. Just go to Google.com, and click More and then Even More. On the full page of Google tools you’ll see Blog Search under Specialized Search.
  • Create your blog on a quality blogging platform with a self-hosted site. (For example, you can self-host on WordPress.org, but not on WordPress.com.) This matters because you can lose your internet real estate at any time if you don’t own it. It’s called Digital Sharecropping.
  • Establish a routine. Add your blogging schedule to your editorial calendar as a part of your overall content strategy.

Visit our blog for content marketing inspiration. And contact us if you need help with your business blog.

What is Press Release Marketing?

Press release marketing is not well understood, and is often overlooked as a backlink strategy. We promote press release marketing as an online visibility tool, a way to get company buzz, and a great way to quickly improve SEO. Not only that, but a press release is a great piece for your online press page and/or press kit, which you can use to capture media attention.

Tips for Press Release Marketing Success:

  • Choose a newsworthy announcement about your business, vs. writing a promotional piece.
  • Use a good quality paid service. The old saying that “you get what you pay for” holds true with press releases. Better services have built-in SEO and allow clickable live back links back to your site.
  • Do your keyword research and be sure to incorporate your targeted keywords in the title, main heading and content.

Press Release Distribution Services:

We have had a good experience with these high quality services. If you would like to know more about their distinguishing characteristics and pricing, please ask!

For more tips on press release marketing, see Jayna’s Press Release Marketing article on EzineArticles.com.

These content marketing resources will continue to grow, so check back. To your success!

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