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Press Page

Welcome to our press page. On this page we’ve provided contact information, topics we’re prepared to talk about, our available press releases, and a hint about our upcoming announcement.

Media Contact:

Jayna Locke
Your Wish Marketing

Brief Bio: Jayna Locke has a master’s degree in writing and has helped businesses to grow their brand recognition through high quality marketing communications for over 15 years. Her company, Your Wish Marketing, provides content strategy consulting and content marketing services to help businesses create community, grow brand visibility and improve lead generation through blogging, ¬†social media marketing and other online content.

“The goal isn’t to splatter content everywhere in a haphazard fashion. To build a successful online presence that creates community and generates leads, you must be strategic, engaging and genuine. You must be the voice of your brand.”

How Can We Help?

Jayna Locke, Marketing Strategist and Media Contact at Your Wish Marketing, is prepared to speak knowledgeably on a wide range of topics relating to content strategy, content marketing, press releases, business blogging and social media marketing.

Sample questions for Jayna:

  • What is content marketing? (Hint: What isn’t content marketing is also a valid question.)
  • Does every business need a content marketing strategy today? (Hint: It depends. Do they want to grow their business?)
  • How can small businesses, with limited resources, improve their online visibility? (Hint: There are some great time management tools available today. And outsourcing does not need to break the bank.)
  • What are the risks of not developing an online presence with blogging and social media marketing? (Hint: have you heard the term Social Darwinism?)

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