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Can This Blog Be Saved?

4 Simple Blog Rescue Tricks

Wouldn’t you know it.

I began lecturing people about how to stay consistent with their blog regimen, and then I fell off the planet.

I’m off my soap box now, thank you very much. In this post I’m just going to share my very minimalist plan for getting  this blog back on track. If you’ve faltered with your blog regimen, I hope this will help you get going again too.

Blogger in freefall

Trick #1: Write a Brief Mission Statement

What is the point of your blog? Mine is to inspire, educate and assist content marketers with effective content strategy and digital marketing techniques that result in increased online visibility, brand awareness, customer engagement and conversion. What’s yours?

Knowing what you stand for, and what you want to accomplish with your blog can help you when you are tired from doing everything else you do, when you’re feeling stuck, and you are wondering whether your blog really matters. If your blog has a mission, you will always know it matters.

Trick #2: Schedule Your Blog Posts

How often can you write a blog post, in reality? If your plate runneth over with full time work, three kids and a dog, maybe twice a month is a reasonable regimen. Pick the days and mark them on the calendar.

This is called an editorial calendar. The point is that you cannot wait for inspiration to strike. You’ve got to schedule your blog posts to stay on track.

Note that this little blog trick is critical, whether you blog about business or baking ideas, and whether you are a solopreneur or you are running a midsized B2B business. If you are working to build a business of any size, increase your blog schedule. Hire a blogger, if you need to. Blogging is one of the most powerful things you can do for brand visibility.

Trick #3: Write Your Blog Titles in Your Editorial Calendar

The point of this strategy is to know exactly what you’re going to blog about in advance, so you’re never starting from ground zero.

My method is to write a big list of topics I like to blog about. These, of course, match my blog’s mission statement. Out of that process will come a list of potential keywords. Then I’ll research these keywords in the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. The keywords will drive the blog themes and titles.

Will the blog titles change? Yes, they very well might. You may get writing on a topic and find out that the title needs to be revised. But even so, you’ve got your blog’s keywords and a plan on your calendar. You’re off and running.

Trick #4: Make Writing Your Blog Posts Fun

In the past, I’ve tended to put a lot of effort into writing somewhat lengthy, informative, posts that are highly optimized. I want my posts to be rich content that is fodder for social media conversation and sharing.

In other words, if you’re like me, you can over-think blogging. And that, my friend, is the death of inspiration and productivity. Yes, it’s important to write interesting, sharable content that is optimized for your niche. But find a balance. Enjoy the process. Write from the heart. And above all, be yourself.

That’s it for today.  To your success!


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