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6 Important Lessons Learned from My Blogging Regimen

Setting up a good blogging regimen and posting consistently is critical if you want to have a successful blog. The reasons for this are well documented, and include building credibility, developing a loyal readership and improving SEO. So I did it. Read on to find out what happened.


It's all about the calendar

My Six Blogging Lessons

I’m switching it up on my blog again, going forward, but my brief explosive experiment with blogging three times per week was truly educational. Here’s what I learned.

1. A Blogging Schedule Kept Me Consistent

My blogging regimen involved three posts per week, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. This was a jump up from about once a week on a random day when I had the time and inspiration.

Knowing I had to meet a deadline put the fire in my breeches! I knew I had to get material together and find the time to shape it into something worthwhile. It was incredibly motivating. There is nothing like a deadline to keep you on track.

2. Choosing Themes Kept Me Focused

Themes are a great way to focus your blogging regimen. My schedule involved three themes: “How To Tuesdays,” “Weird Wednesdays” and “Success Story Saturdays.”

The Tuesday posts were all instructional posts about social media, content marketing and press release tips. Wednesdays were all about strange but effective marketing methodologies. Saturdays were stories about businesses that had achieved success and what others could learn from them.

To make sure I had content, I put together a survey on Survey Monkey that would give people a tool for sharing tips or writing a guest blog. I love this tool, and will continue using it.

3. An Active Blog Takes a Consistent Social Media Effort

This was not a surprise. It was simply a reality check.  Committing to a blogging regimen involves more than finding an hour or two to write. It involves all the information gathering up front and then a considerable follow-up effort to make sure your post doesn’t just sit there unnoticed.

The real lesson was that I don’t always have the time available to do the kind of promotion I would like to do.

And by promotion, I mean interacting on blogs and social media platforms. By far, the most effective promotion method I’ve found is to leave comments on other people’s blogs, retweet other people’s content, and share their posts on Google Plus. This inspires them to reciprocate and helps build a strong community. I’ve gotten to know some amazing people this way.

4. Posts About Innovative Marketing Were the Most Fun

I had a blast writing about weird marketing methods. Some of it was “tongue in cheek.” In fact my most successful post in this series, hands down, was the one called “Why Are These Bloggers So Weird?” I wrote about some of my blogger friends and their “weird” but effective technique of promoting other people.

Innovation is exciting. I could write content like that all day.

5. Posts About Business Success Took the Most Time

I got immense enjoyment out of these posts as well. Writing about successful businesses is incredibly upbeat work, especially in this down economy. It takes time to really understand a business strategy enough to write knowledgeably about it, though. To do these posts justice took the most time of my three blog themes.

Another funny thing happened with these posts. Most people are not as forthcoming about their business successes as you might expect. I thought people would jump at the chance to talk about what makes their business tick, and they would quickly fill out the survey. Instead, I had to work hard to pull people’s stories out of them. While I love interviewing, again it comes down to available time.

6. “How To” Posts Were the Easiest

The “How To Tuesday” posts practically wrote themselves. Some required a bit of research, but since I learn something worth sharing about social media and content marketing on a regular basis, it’s a simple thing to channel that information into a post.

What Now?

Wouldn’t you know it, right after I got this fabulous blogging regimen set up I got really busy with a full time gig and couldn’t keep the pace. So I have to reconfigure my blog schedule yet again. But my ongoing goal will be to provide my blog readers with valuable learning.

As always, if you have tips or ideas to contribute, please take my survey. I will either share your tips or post your content as a guest blog post.

What is working for your blog? Please share in the comments below. And be sure to follow my blog so you can get notified of new posts.

To your success,


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  1. How to posts are in many cases the most emotionally engaging as well. Great lessons learned and thanks for sharing.

    Leanne Hoagland-Smith
    Leanne Hoagland-Smith recently posted..Go Google Me – An Interview with Fred McMurrayMy Profile

    • That’s a great point, Leanne. People are always looking for ways to squeeze more out of their marketing, so “how to” do anything that can help in that regard tends to get people to perk up and say “Hey, I want to know about that!”

  2. I love “how to” posts, and I always enjoy reading yours. Thanks for sharing Jayna! :)
    Knikkolette recently posted..Google Plus Business Pages, Let’s Multi-Task!My Profile

  3. LOVE this Jayna! #2 is my AHA moment! Thanks for putting it that way. Now I can stay more focused and write accordingly.

    Jocelyn Wilhelm recently posted..How to Get More Engagement on FacebookMy Profile

  4. I find this post inspiring and instructional. I am not consistent in my writing at this time. However, I manage social marketing for clients who are. Consistency enables us to get in a good rhythm for distributing the content out across the web.

    It was especially helpful to hear what your most effective promotion method: “I’ve found is to leave comments on other people’s blogs, retweet other people’s content, and share their posts on Google Plus. This inspires them to reciprocate and helps build a strong community. ”


    • Hi Gina,

      Yes I think it’s all about rhythm! Getting into a stride with content development means not having to always think about what you want to do and how to get it done. Sounds like you are doing some great work for your clients! Building community is huge.


  5. Have you determined the TBD?
    Red Dwyer recently posted..Tree of LifeMy Profile

    • Hi Red,

      Great to hear from you, friend. I will be returning to blogging soon!


  6. Such a helpful post. I’ve been struggling for the longest time to come up with a schedule so that I can balance work and blogging. Your suggestion of dedicating days to different kinds of blog posts is one way to make sure that you are able to come up with a good blog post and still be able to have time to do other things, too. Thanks for sharing this.
    Adeline recently posted..What to Do Before Choosing Your Investment OptionsMy Profile

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