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A Social Media Marketing Success Story

Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media went rogue in December and announced a live event called the JANUARY JIG on her Facebook page. It was daring. It was different. And it was fun. Let’s see what happened….

Idea Girl Media

Why is Social Media Marketing So Challenging?

Let’s face it. If you have a Facebook fan page, you are either constantly dreaming up creative ways to make it fun and interactive or you’re D.O.A. People are busy. They’re overwhelmed by too much media saturation. And yet… they’re always looking for something inspiring or entertaining.

In this A.D.D. “ooh shiny!” world, it’s tough to get a little share of the attention. Even if you do capture someone’s focus for a moment, they can be gone in a snap when the next shiny object pops up. And you and your cool stuff are just as quickly forgotten.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is to self-promote. Of course, you have to promote your business to some extent. People need to know what you do and how you can help them. Just a little of that goes a long way, however, and you cannot keep people’s interest and generate activity if it’s all just your floor show.

How Idea Girl Media Generates Facebook Activity

Keri does things differently with her Idea Girl Media fan page. First of all, she keeps the action going all the time. Just to give you a notion of how much activity there is on her page, I had to click “Older Posts” 52 times just to get back to the beginning of the January Jig, which was a little over a month and a half ago.

I’ll tell you about the January Jig in a moment. The million dollar question at the moment is: what does Keri post on her fan page each day?

If you read my post earlier this month titled “Why Are These Bloggers So Weird?” you know that Keri loves to shine the light on other people and their expertise and keep things lively.

What you’ll see on her page is color and graphics. She spends quite a bit of her social media marketing energy sharing and reposting pictures, videos and other people’s interesting content. (And it’s not all business!) Here are two examples:

A Re-shared Facebook PostAnother Re-Shared Post


The result, of course, is that it starts conversations. There’s always something new and interesting and we “Like” that! Also, people are honored when she re-shares their content and they comment. Or, when she shares something by a celebrity such as social media expert Mari Smith, fans are inspired to comment or re-share.

How Keri Ran a Live Event on Facebook

At the end of December, 2011, Keri had an idea to take this promoting-of-others technique to the next level.

Here’s what she did:

1. First she created a Facebook event page called JANUARY JIG.


2. Next she shared her idea with 384 of her friends and fans and invited them to sign up to “hi-jack” her fan page for one day between January 6th and January 31st.

Each participant could share tips and ideas from their business expertise on their scheduled day. All they were required to do was show up at three scheduled times during the day, share a post, and interact with those who had questions. By helping to promote the event with their own friends and fans, they could help to make the event successful.

She had no restrictions on the types of businesses that could sign up, so she had a wide variety of business owners, including a website developer, a mobile marketing expert, and a children’s literacy expert. You might find it interesting to note that even though Keri is a social media marketing expert, she was happy to have several others take over her page for a day.

3. Finally, she promoted each participant before and throughout their stint on her Facebook page and let them take it away.

I checked in with Keri shortly after she launched the Jig. She was blown away by the excitement her event generated. “When I put the call out for presenters in December, the spots filled in less than a day,” she said. “I haven’t been able to keep up with everybody….they’re all knocking it out of the park!!”


I connected with Keri recently on a Skype call to talk about the Jig. I was so interested in her motivation to launch such a big undertaking and her perspective on how it went.

What were the results of all this activity?

The first and most obvious results that anyone could see by stopping by the Idea Girl Media fan page any day in January was a ton of activity, conversation and interaction going on live at each scheduled time.


Keri’s results by the numbers:

  • Fan page Likes increased by 230
  • “Talking About This” percent ranged from 10 to 18 and hit a total of 200

The less tangible yet just as important results:

  • Invitations to collaborate on future projects and promotions
  • Invitations to present at events
  • New social media clients
  • New partners and trusted sources

“I wasn’t looking necessarily for numbers,” Keri said. “Sure I wanted my page to grow. It wasn’t a goal number. It was really the quality of experience. I was mainly testing the idea of this collaborative effort. I wanted to find out if I can make this a part of my business. I learned a lot in that regard.”

She also shared that the event met her goal to help non-technical people to get a comfort level with online learning. “It was really for the not so savvy. I have a lot of people in my local area who won’t sit in a webinar. They don’t thave a lot of technology and tools available to them. So I wanted to know how I could help them access the information. It was a way to bring technology and information to people who are low tech.”

Keri quietly and humbly mentioned that there was one other important intangible outcome. “People started to look to me as a source of authority,” she said. “There were definitely some wonderful things that happened.”

Thanks for sharing your great success story, Keri!

About Keri Jaehnig and Idea Girl Media

Keri offers social media management, social media marketing and mentoring. People can go to Keri for social media setup, management, or to simply offload a portion of their social media tasks.

To your success,


p.s. If you know a business that has a success story to tell, or you have some great marketing tips, please share your thoughts in my survey so I can share them in a future post.

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  1. Jayna,

    Thank you for the terrific feature on January Jig and Idea Girl Media. You have been so complimentary above…I am honored to be featured here at Your Wish Marketing.

    52 times — Wow! Even I did not know that number was possible to reach specific Facebook info. Thank you for your time and patience to look so closely.

    While numbers are nice, the rewards were the kinetic conversations.

    We had a great time, we learned a lot, and it was a fun and interesting online event. Next time, I’d like to have you involved!!

    This post is one I’ll tweet and recall often.

    I’m so enthused to be among your success stories.

    My most genuine thanks,

    Keri recently posted..Facebook 102: How To Use Facebook Pages As Your Brand NameMy Profile

    • My pleasure, Keri! And yes, I hope readers get that from this post, that the learning adventure and the fun were really the key outcomes. As a visitor and participant during the Jig, I was simply swept away by the energy. It was so dynamic and fun to interact with various experts and other participants.

      What an amazing feat! I look forward to finding out what you’ll be up to next.
      Jayna recently posted..A Social Media Marketing Success StoryMy Profile

  2. As one of Idea Girl Media’s January Jig hijackers, I can attest that it was a great collaborative effort. Each participant prepared quality information to share with her followers and it created a triple win scenario.

    Win #1 – Idea Girl Media’s page engagement, new fans and cross-pollination from guest stars fans.

    Win #2 – Guest Stars’ added visibility to Idea Girl’s over 1,000 fans, and an opportunity to build credibility and present to a new audience.

    Win #3 – Idea Girl Media fans got some great information to help develop their businesses, social media activities and careers.
    Karleen recently posted..Are you a Swiss Army Knife?My Profile

    • That is brilliant, Karleen. You’ve captured the spirit and benefits of the event perfectly. The collaboration was really so neat to see. You did a fantastic job as a Jig contributor!

      I would love to poll all of the contributors about the the best outcomes of the extra exposure and cross pollination for their businesses, and if any developed new relationships, or gained new referral partners or new business.
      Jayna recently posted..A Social Media Marketing Success StoryMy Profile

  3. What a fabulous post Jayna! As a participant of Keri’s January Jig, I can attest to Keri’s organization, participation, dedication, and collaboration. She is indeed a leader and authority in the field of social media!
    Knikkolette recently posted..Social Media Emergency AvertedMy Profile

  4. Thanks Knikkolete! It looked like you had a great time on the Jig. As a social media expert yourself, you undoubtedly had a powerful experience! I would be very interested in hearing how the interaction on the Jig was similar to or different from the Tweetchats you run, and whether there were any “take-aways” from that experience that you will implement elsewhere.
    Jayna recently posted..A Social Media Marketing Success StoryMy Profile

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