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Weird But Effective Content Marketing: Best Facebook Pages

For this Weird Wednesday post, I’m examining a strange but effective content marketing strategy employed by such notable content marketing giants as HubSpot and Social Media Examiner.

The weird yet cool trick they employ from time to time is to create a blog post titled something along the lines of: “The 15 Best Facebook Pages You’ve Ever Seen,” “20 Examples of Great Facebook Fan Pages,” and “Top 10 Facebook Facebook Pages and Why They’re Successful.”

Top Facebook Pages

Why Cover the Best Facebook Pages?

Why do they do this? Do they sell Facebook page design? No, that is precisely what’s so weird.

To learn why a company might employ this weird strategy, let’s have a look at a few stats for some of the top posts currently showing up for the phrase “best facebook pages”:

HubSpot’s “The 15 Best Facebook Pages You’ve Ever Seen”:

HubSpot’s “20 Examples of Great Facebook Fan Pages”:

  • LinkedIn Shares: 112
  • Google+’s: 55
  • Tweets: 290
  • Facebook Likes: 216

Social Media Examiner’s “Top 10 Facebook Pages and Why They’re Successful”:

  • LinkedIn Shares: 480
  • Google+’s: 33
  • Tweets: 7293
  • Facebook Likes: (no counter widget)

So that is one answer for you. Very simply, people are looking for ideas for fan pages, so why not create a great collection and deliver that content to your readers?

Additional reasons include:

  1. Link Bait. If you write a quality post with eminently share-worthy content, people will link to it from their sites and content curation tools, providing back links that can improve your  search engine ranking.
  2. Authority by association. If you write about a variety of topics related to content marketing, including a collection of Facebook fan pages and some editorial on why they are successful, it can potentially give you some credibility and authority on that topic.
  3. Search engine optimization. At the moment, the keyword phrase “best Facebook pages” is low competition and is searched about 27,000 times monthly, according to the Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Placing a post with this keyword phrase on your site is an excellent strategy.
  4. Brand awareness. If that many people are tweeting, sharing, G+’ing and liking your content, you are going to get some serious brand visibility.
  5. Page rank. Great content that provides exceptional value, is well written, highly sought after and widely shared helps the search engines to view your site as credible and high quality, resulting in improved page rank. HubSpot’s is currently at 6 out of 10, and Social Media Examiner’s is at 7.

Oh, by the way, all of those posts are between four months and more than a year old. So it’s time someone stepped up and wrote a fresh post covering the best Facebook fan pages!

To your success,


p.s. Do you have an idea for a weird but effective marketing method or some great tips to share? If so, please fill out my survey.

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  1. I use this strategy by leaving a few oddballs in my archive. I have some long tail pieces which generate a few hundred extra hits a month each. Every once in a while stepping out of the niche to see what others are searching can get you found by a totally new audience who had no idea they needed what you have to offer.
    Red Dwyer recently posted..The LeavingMy Profile

    • I love that! The notion of people finding you and not realizing until that moment that you have something they need is priceless.

      You really do switch it up. There is an ocean of keywords out there. The fact that your blog is doing well is a testimonial to the fact that SEO is part art and part science.

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