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How to Add Your Blog on LinkedIn

This “How To Tuesday” post is about adding your blog to your LinkedIn profile. Yes, “there’s an app for that.” The blog link app will display links to your most recent blog posts as well as to the blogs of others in your network.

Here’s an image of what the application icon will look like on your profile sidebar.

Blog link on LinkedIn

Benefits of Adding a Blog Link to LinkedIn

The primary benefit of putting your blog link on LinkedIn is that each post you write automatically appears in the app on your LinkedIn sidebar, making your page more dynamic. If you are interacting in LinkedIn groups (which I highly recommend as a way to build social media relationships and reach out to potential referral partners), that will increase visits to your LinkedIn profile, which can then enhance the visibility of your blog.

Another benefit I can think of is that you can free up one of the three links LinkedIn allows you for something else, such as your Google Plus profile or your Xeeme page. (If you haven’t joined Xeeme yet, I recommend it. It’s a place where you can collect all of your social media links in one place. You can see my Xeeme profile here.)

Here’s the description of the benefits of the blog link app from the LinkedIn apps page:

Benefits of LinkedIn's Blog App

Wait… What If Your Blog Isn’t Worth Boasting About?

Naturally, before you add your blog to your LinkedIn profile, you want to have a professional blog that you are proud of, and you should have a regular blog regimen. A haphazard blogging habit will not enhance your professionalism on LinkedIn. If you want help enhancing your blog, consider these resources:

1. Read How to Blog Your Way to Success.

2. Read Tips for Blogging with Themed Posts and Guest Bloggers.

3. Contact me to discuss your blog strategy.

How to Add Your Blog on LinkedIn

This is super easy. Here are the steps:

1. Log into your LinkedIn profile.

2. Scroll way to the bottom of your LinkedIn page. Click the Add an Application button and select Blog Link.

Add an Application button

(Note: Alternatively you can start at the LinkedIn Apps Learning Center where you can watch the training video and click over to the blog link application page.)

On the right side of the blog link page, you’ll see the application info:

Blog Link app

3. Check the boxes, as appropriate, to select where you want your blog link to appear and click “Add application.”

As mentioned earlier, the blog link app grabs your connections’ blog posts too. If you have a cazillion connections, it’s going to take some time. You’ll probably see this message while it’s working:

LinkedIn is working on finding your connections' blogs

Once the app populates with recent blog posts, you can use the buttons at the top of the app to toggle between your own blog posts and those of your connections.

4. Finally, reposition the order of the visible apps on your profile by simply dragging them up or down. For example, you might want an app like SlideShare to be higher or lower than your blog app, depending upon which of these apps represents your company most effectively.

That’s it! Have fun.

To your content marketing success,



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  1. Great post, Jayna! I’ve been trying to figure out how to maximize LinkedIn more since I’ve been getting quite a lot of traffic here. Up to this time, I’ve just been limited to posting on groups, and never reallly knew about this feature. Thanks so much for the info about this. I’m going to add this in my LinkedIn account now.
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