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Tips for Blogging with Themed Topics and Guest Bloggers

Guest bloggers

Have you been wondering how to make your blog more interesting, how to get more people to your blog, and how to post to your blog on a schedule? One good strategy can solve all of your blog challenges in one fell swoop: themed posts written by guest bloggers! In this post I’ll share tips for blogging with themed topics and how you can enlist guest bloggers to share their wisdom in guest blog posts.

Tips for Blogging with Themed Topics

I’m trying out a regimen, at least for a short time. My blog is going to have three theme days:

“How-to Tuesdays”: Short and sweet tips and strategies to help you with your content strategy, content marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing.

“Weird Wednesdays”: Weird yet effective marketing methods.

“Success Story Saturdays”: Posts covering neat business successes and the methods they used to get results.

What themes might you use for your blog? Let’s say you have a jewelry making business and you teach other people how to master the techniques. Maybe you could do a weekly post on jewelry inspired by nature, a weekly post on working with gem stones, and a weekly post on finishing techniques.

But how do you write all these posts? Let’s talk how you can get help from guest bloggers.

Tips for Blogging with Guest Bloggers

Let’s face it. Blogging takes time and energy. And without  a strategy and a schedule, weeks can go by without a new post magically appearing on your blog. Guest bloggers are an excellent answer. Like many business owners, I wondered for a long time about the best way to do this.

So I put together a survey that asks for all the information I need to engage guest bloggers and help them to easily share their tips on content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and other topics that I cover in my blog.

You can see the survey here: Guest Blog and Contributor Survey.

Then I shared the survey on one of my Facebook groups to get my new blog strategy rolling, and I offered to do lots of promotion on all of my social media when I publish guest posts.

I got some immediate responses to my survey, and I’m set to put my system in place. Be sure to come on back and see how it’s going. You’ll see a mix of my posts and awesome posts from my fabulous guest bloggers.

Feel free to fill out the survey if you have content marketing tips, weird and wacky marketing strategies or business successes to share. And think about how to use these tips for blogging with themed topics and guest bloggers on your own blog.

Happy blogging! To your content marketing success,


p.s. What are your tips for blogging better and faster? Do you have tips for blogging with guest bloggers? Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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  1. Looking forward to it, Jayna! As most who know will attest, Wednesdays I will be at my best.

    • Marc, Yes I’m sure Wednesdays will be your favorite day! Does this mean you will be guest blogging for me? Looking forward to it!

  2. Great ideas, Jayna! I do themes every weeks. I have five regular features and run series (themes which span 3-7 days) between the features. Both of these techniques help me post three times per day.

    Guest blogging helps fill gaps. I have often blogged for others. I just run into the problem of not finding many who will return the favor ;) Mayhap, I should ask you to contribute!


    • You are my inspiration, Red! Thank you for your blogging wisdom. Credit goes to you and Marc. I am not going to try to keep up with you, though! You are definitely the most prolific blogger I know.

  3. Great reminder. I’ve actually though about doing “themes” for a while and just haven’t quite gotten there. It’s a fun idea though and with the ability to schedule posts, it’s a practical one for me.

    Guests posts are a fantastic marketing tool as well because it brings more readers to your blog (assuming your guest has a following of her own). It’s a win-win for blog host and guest.

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Yes I’m seeing lots of great guest posts out in the blogosphere, and lots of people describing its benefits, so I’m excited. I’m finally just getting on a roll with it. Up until a little over four months ago there was no “there” there, but now it’s time! The coming months will certainly be interesting!

  4. Jayna, I look forward to seeing the variety of the guest posts. You are quite right that featuring other writers is a way to stay on top of the regular blogging schedule. I’m excited to see what happens here!

  5. Thanks Christy. We’re off an running today with the first “How To Tuesdays” post. It’s going to be fun!

  6. Hey Jayna! This post wouldn’t have come at a better time. I just started a new blog and was wondering how I would balance my normal work and past-time hobby which is blogging. I think having themes is a perfect IDEA. I will do this. Three themes per week. I will be glad to guest blog for your and Red.

  7. Glad to hear it, Job. Come back and share your success with your new blog regimen!

  8. Thanks so much for these tips. I’m relatively new in blogging and scheduling posts have been one of the most challenging bits for me. Going to follow your advice and have one category dedicated for each day so that my blog posts will be more balanced.
    Adeline recently posted..What to Do Before Choosing Your Investment OptionsMy Profile

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