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Blog to eBook Part 4: How to Market an eBook

eBook ReaderWelcome to Part 4 in my four-part blog-to-eBook series. Part 1 described three different methodologies for writing an eBook by blogging. Part 2 described how to write and polish your eBook. Part 3 provided information on publishing your eBook.

For this final post, I’m going to provide a giant idea list to help you think about how to promote an eBook, including social media marketing, SEO copywriting and cross-channel marketing.

The effectiveness of various eBook marketing methods will depend upon whether or not you have built a following and a list of contacts to whom you can send print mail and email. But never fear. There are tons of great ways to promote your eBook, especially with social media marketing, even if you do not have a list.

I recommend reading through this eBook marketing idea list even if you are not finished writing your book. Here’s why:

  1. It will help you to think about your own market and how to increase engagement in your online community as you develop your book.
  2. Many eBook marketing strategies can be set up in advance to help you create buzz.
  3. If you see your completion date on the horizon and you are on track to get it done, you can even do some pre-sales.

How to Market an eBook

When deciding how to promote an eBook, it is important to know that there is no one right way. There are many excellent eBook marketing strategies, and you will want to think about what will give you the “biggest bang for your buck” up front, and what you want to continue doing over time.

Giant Idea List – How to Market an eBook

Okay, let’s look at some possible eBook marketing methods. I’ve arranged these by category, not in order of priority or preferred timeline. And note that there are fuzzy lines between many of these categories. You want to think about how to promote an eBook by integrating your social media marketing with all of your online and offline strategies.

Website Promotion

    • Create a landing page for your book with great graphics and copy. (You can link to your Amazon page or sell it straight from the page if you have established a shopping cart and set up payment processing.) Make sure you use good quality keywords! Provide a list of chapters and what the reader will gain in skills or knowledge from each chapter. Here are some nice eBook landing page examples:

- Brian Solis: The End of Business As Usual
- Mari Smith: The New Relationship Marketing
- Ann Handley and C. C. Chapman, Content Rules
- David Meerman Scott, The New Rules of Viral Marketing

  • Offer a chapter of your book as a free download in exchange for visitors joining your list so you can continue to engage them with more of your tips and strategies through email marketing. Pick a chapter that addresses a specific challenge experienced by those in your niche market.

Warm Market Promotion

  • Send out a post card to everyone on your print mailing list with a picture of your book and information on how to buy it online. Add a QR code and your Facebook and Twitter URLs.
  • Host a book launch party and book signing. Create an invitation on EventBrite.com where people can sign up to attend. Email the event link to everyone in your warm market and post an invitation to the event on Facebook.
  • Host a virtual eBook book launch party. This strategy can actually dovetail right into your other online and social media strategies.  There are many ways to do this. Do a search on “virtual book launch party” to see what others have done.

SEO Copywriting Strategies

  • Publish a press release announcing your new eBook that links back to your eBook landing page. Be sure to optimize the press release with your relevant keywords.
  • Write articles about your eBook topics for article directories such as eZineArticles.com and link back to your landing page. Be sure to optimize your articles with relevant keywords.

Social Media Marketing

  • Add a landing page or “fan gate” to your Facebook page with a picture of your eBook cover. You can add content that encourages visitors to Like your page to learn more. (Note that it is against Facebook rules to offer a product or download for liking your page.)
  • Tweet teasers to topics in your book and link over to your landing page.
  • Add a description of your book to your LinkedIn profile, and be sure to add the word “author”
  • Join LinkedIn Group discussions in your niche. Add valuable insights to discussions you participate in. When people take an interest in you, they will visit your profile and see the information about your eBook.
  • Start group discussions on LinkedIn that touch on hot topics in your niche and link back to your landing page.
  • Get a smiling picture of you holding your book and share it on your personal Facebook page along with a link to your landing page or Amazon page.

Blog Marketing

  • Add a picture of your book cover to the sidebar of your blog with a link to your landing page or Amazon page and blog like crazy.
  • Send a complimentary copy to friends and industry experts who are willing to read it and provide a review or testimonial. Add the reviews to your landing page. For each one, schedule tweets and Facebook updates that link to the landing page.
  • Search for blogs in your niche and provide relevant, insightful comments with your landing page as your personal link.
  • You can even pay bloggers to review your eBook.

Promotion Through Networking & Speaking

  • Contact local networking groups, chamber groups and Meetups in your niche and offer to give a talk on your topic. Bring printed copies of your book if you have them, or take orders and credit cards right there if you have a payment processing method. (Note: Be sure to give great content in your talk. The better the content you provide, the more people will want to know what else they can learn from you.)

Multimedia Marketing

  • Launch your own radio show to discuss the topics related to your book with other experts in your niche. One way to do this is through BlogTalkRadio.com. Remember the virtual launch party I mentioned? Check this out: Get Real People radio show.
  • Create a video series. There are a number of fun and effective things you can do with video. For example, you could:
    • Create a 30-second video splash promo for your book for free using Animoto.com.
    • Create a video blog where you share tidbits of expertise and showcase your book.
    • Create a series of video tips on YouTube or Vimeo and include your author bio. Be sure to connect your channel link to your website and social media profiles.

Affiliate Marketing

  • Sign up on Clickbank.com and offer affiliate commissions to others who sell your eBook.
  • Create your own affiliate marketing program. This one is dead last because it could easily become a full time job. For your reading pleasure, here is a resource for you from About.com: How to create a successful affiliate program.

There are many more ideas, of course. Do a Google search on “eBook marketing,” “how to market an eBook” and “how to promote an eBook” if you would like to research more methods. The important thing to know is that your eBook will not sell itself. Unless you are a famous personality or a former president (and maybe even then), you absolutely must have a plan in mind for how to market an eBook for it to have a chance of succeeding.

Have you published an eBook? What eBook marketing methods were most effective for you? Please share your insights on how to market an eBook in the comments below.

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And finally, if you found this post interesting or helpful, please pass it on! Until next time,


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  1. Wow! What a thorough post, Jayna! Thanks for taking the time to put this series together! This last post has been especially useful for me because there are tons of ideas for social promotion not just of eBooks, but for any other product. I especially love your list of multimedia ideas as I’ve been noticing the important role media plays in engagement!

    • Hi Samantha, thank you for checking out my eBook marketing idea list. Yes, I agree – it is certainly not just a list for eBook authors. You could use many of these ideas for all kinds of marketing. Keep me posted on what you find most useful!

  2. Some great ideas! Content marketers invest a lot in creating quality content but fail to reach their target audience with it. By putting your content on your own website or blog and link to it from your twitter and facebook account you mostly reach people who already know about you.

    There are many more places you can distribute your content and I wrote about it: I Have All This Content, Now What? http://blog.publishedin.com/post/10679411404/i-have-all-this-content-now-what

    We recently launched Publishedin platform http://publishedin.com to help marketers distribute their content (i.e. ebook summary article) to publishers relevant to them, and reach all publishers’ readers when they write about them http://publishedin.com/businesses/content/

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