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Content Marketing and SEO Copywriting

Specializing in Content Strategy, SEO Copywriting and Content Marketing Services

Are you wishing for more followers, more visibility, more clients, more business growth and more revenue? We can help. Your Wish Marketing specializes in content marketing which is a method of reaching out to new clients through effective blogging, article marketing, press releases, social media marketing and consistent branding.

Here’s an overview of our marketing services. For more information, see our Marketing Services page and Resources page.

Content Strategy

What content should you create, where should you post or publish it, and when? Do you have a company blog? How often are you posting and on what topics? Do you know how to optimize content? Are you sending out a regular company newsletter? How are you capturing leads and building your list? Have you integrated social media into all of your marketing initiatives?

Our content strategy sessions help you make these decisions strategically, based on many factors such as the type of clients you serve and how you meet their needs. We can help you develop a complete content strategy to ensure that your marketing dollars are well spent and you are getting the ROI you need. Our content strategy services start with a one-hour consultation to help you get started.

Content Marketing

Once you have developed a strategy, how do you get it all done? We can help. You can choose to outsource any aspect of your content marketing to our team, from writing and optimizing your web content to publishing your monthly newsletter to writing your articles, blog posts, white papers, case studies and even EBooks.

SEO Copywriting

Okay, so you’ve got a content strategy and a plan for creating and distributing your content. It’s also important to know how to optimize content. SEO copywriting is the art of developing high quality, engaging content that is optimized with your targeted keywords. We perform extensive keyword research and then incorporate those keywords into everything from blog posts to press releases to website content to your company newsletter. This effort supports and enhances your overall content strategy and search engine optimization goals.

Website Services

Are you happy with your website? Does it project a high quality professional image for your business? How is your website performing for you? Are you getting clicks, conversions and customers? We can help by analyzing what is working and what is not working and provide the solutions to help you meet your goals. We also provide website design and development if you need a new business website. We develop dynamic, professional, high quality websites and blogs that you can easily modify and add content to at any time. If you have a static website that has not been updated in years, it’s time to upgrade!

More Content Marketing Services

Our goal is to be your one-stop shop for all of your content marketing needs. We partner with a wide variety of marketing vendors, including website developers; social media marketing agencies, SEO, PPC and Google Adwords experts; branding and advertising experts, graphic designers, PR professionals and more. Whether you need to hire someone to write, design and publish your EBook, help you with your link building campaign, or create a professional video for your website, contact us. We can help.

Contact Jayna Locke, Marketing Strategist and Senior Copywriter at jayna@yourwishmarketing.com or 952-913-6813 for a free initial consultation.

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